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legal disclaimer

The information shown on this website is of a general nature. Because of legislative changes, other changed circumstances or as a result of technical errors, it is possible that belated information, gaps, inaccuracies or other mistakes appear on this website. In composing the website, I have worked with as much care as possible. Nevertheless, I cannot make any committal statements with regard to the correctness, current validity, reliability and completeness of the information shown on this website. Under no circumstances am I or associated companies or partners or members of staff liable for losses or damages of whatsoever nature resulting from the use of this information; (unrestrictedly) included are direct, indirect or consequential damages which might arise from the use and querying of the website or the links to other websites, even if I have pointed out the possibility of such damages.

Various links on this Website connect you to other websites. I have not examined the other sites linked to its own website and assumes no responsibility for their contents.

The entire contents of this website is protected by copyright (all rights reserved). The downloading or printing of individual pages or passages of the this website is permitted if neither a copyright notice nor any other legally protected titles are removed. If you download software or other data from the website or reproduce it in any other way, all proprietary rights remain with me. The (complete or partial) reproduction, transmission (electronically or by other means), modification, linking or usage of the website for public or commercial purposes is forbidden without the prior written agreement of dan schneider.

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